Reviewing an album and kinda wanna say it sounds like Adam and the Ants at the beginning and ends kind of like a Kanye West song but also very aware I’m the only person who hears Kanye or Ants in every song



I tried so hard to not drink today because Monday was not my finest moment but I just realised Bolton play Fulham tonight and I’m friends with a Fulham fan so now we’re gonna get drunk and watch the match and bet on it so after that we may as well go out so now I’m dragging everyone who said they wouldn’t drink out with me. Bollocks. Living in this building will be the death of me. 

I can’t go out drinking without people shouting “Russell Brand!” at me because I have long backcombed hair and now he’s doing Big Fat Quiz of the Year wearing one of my favourite shirts so I basically can’t wear it in 2015 now


To Me You Are A Work Of Art - Morrissey

"But then I look at you and know

That somewhere there’s a someone who can soothe me”

Left my Bukowski books in Manchester, can’t cope 


I was feeling unfulfilled and, frankly, rather crappy about everything. I wasn’t going anywhere and neither was the rest of the world. We were all just hanging around waiting to die and mean-while doing little things to fill the space. Some of us weren’t even doing little things.

'PULP' - Charles Bukowski  (via ocdpictures)


Grapefruit // Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties

So long and I’m sorry that I wasn’t who you want,
If I can’t make you happy, I’m no good for anyone…

This is the Braveheart of Yellowcard albums. If albums like Ocean Avenue and Lights and Sounds have always sounded like they belonged in sweaty, dark venues, Lift a Sail is a Yellowcard album that makes the band sound like they belong on a mountain, waving some kind of flag to a crowd of their disciples. Maybe one person’s crying. Maybe it’s you. Maybe you finally accept change as a good thing. Maybe this album’s pretty good.

Review of Yellowcard’s Lift a Sail [x] (via highwaytosomewhere)

Woke up and felt pretty rough, so I decided to skip uni for the first time this year and go for coffee with Joe which became my whole day. We walked around for so long that from the nipples down I’m in agony. It was fun though and I bought a new shirt and got film sent off to be developed.

Gonna watch Adventureland now, a film I feel like I shouldn’t like as much as I totally do.


My anaconda will consider it

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Oops last night I got drunk and talked a lot of shit about the guy who’s allegedly my friend who was being sexist in class and then some guy my friend fancies was pulling some alpha male bullshit and I mentally put him on my list of people who can fuck right off and talked a lot of shit to his face and to other people

I just had some girl intruding into my room telling me Adam Ant was in some weird indie band she liked

Don’t go to university it’s fucking weird