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this broke my heart

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to anon (im a girl) bdsm is not feminist because it fetishizes violence against women. this is something that is already extremely prevalent in society that is NOT "pleasurable". 2 main reason (aside from the obvious of creating many victims) bdsm is shit is #1 it mocks abuse/rape survivors by playing out the horrible things that have happened to them as a "game" for sexual pleasure. #2 it supports/normalizes the behaviour of abusers and in many cases gives them justification to continue abuse.


slc punk

slc punk

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They’re making a Hot Tub Time Machine 2 which makes me very excited because I fucking love the first one (so much Motley Crue + a soundtrack with Enrique Iglesias and New Order + time travel humour + John Cusack + SO GOOD) 

this one doesn’t have John Cusack…but it does have Kumail Nanjiani

the main problem with the sequel is that it’s not in the 1980s (best decade for a movie, god damn)




i accidentally hit myself really hard in the testicle and i have never been less at peace with the world

slow clap

it was more of a dull thud

Hi, confused w that thing you reblogged about with fifty shades. Do you not like the books or are you just against it becoming mainstream? And would you say that BDSM is not feminist?? Also, how is the consent is sexy thing bad?? Sorry I just agree with some of that post but some of it is confusing?


I love an ask that starts with a hello

but I remember reading a lot of shit about why that book was problematic when the book came out 3 years ago but I don’t remember it now, I’d say it’s best to google it! 

Well, I’m a guy and I’m pretty sure if I started saying what is and what isn’t feminist that wouldn’t be very feminist….damn that’s exactly what that sentence just did

but I don’t know personally, I mean, I’m not even sure I know what the D in BDSM stands for? Delightful? Dangerous? …dick?

But in all seriousness

  1. "consent is sexy" is bad because it’s sexualising consent when consent isn’t some great sexy thing that makes sex better: it’s a basic human right. Also when you start trying to make aspects of feminism "sexy" you can step into the completely counter-productive territory of "let’s make feminism seem appealing to men". But again, consent is required, it isn’t sexy.
  2. It appears to romanticise a controlling relationship which isn’t good?
  3. I don’t know
  4. I have not read the book it looks AWWWWWFUL so this could be a longer post
  5. but I mean, I don’t think the internet needs another man talking about a women’s movement OR another person talking shit about a book they’ve never read so…ask someone else!
  6. but “against it becoming mainstream” - didn’t the book sell faster than any other book ever? 


Honestly can’t wait for the 50 shades movie to normalize the manipulation of lower-level female employees. Can’t wait for the new wave of “consent is sexy” banners on the cover of cosmo. Can’t wait for teen girls to think that a controlling relationship is romantic. Can’t wait for sexualized violence to become increasingly mainstream. And most of all, I can’t wait for BDSM to be labeled a feminist revolution.



Robin Thicke is unapologetic about how rapey ‘Blurred Lines’ is, meanwhile the dude who parodied it issues a public apology for one word.

And that is just one reason why I love Weird Al.



Robin Thicke is unapologetic about how rapey ‘Blurred Lines’ is, meanwhile the dude who parodied it issues a public apology for one word.

And that is just one reason why I love Weird Al.

Every time I put my ripped jeans on first time without sticking my feet through the holes multiple times and tripping over into a puddle of my own tears I feel like I should call up the news stations and tell them God just gave me a sign that everything’s gonna be a-okay today so they should take a day off


i think your nose is bleeding // the front bottoms

i want what we had, just wanna feel it with someone else.

Wearing trainers for the first time in over a year. These Vans make me feel like I’m cosplaying me in 2011.



The whole “if you’re an addict then you deserve to die” attitude needs to go.

People seem to think just because you are alive that you deserve life
and its just not true‏
You have a responsibility to yourself to live a good life‏ and if you don’t‏, then sorry but you lost the right to it‏.
If you die then good, the world doesn’t need you‏.
There are already too many humans, why do we want to preserve the life of someone who does nothing but destroy their own life and the lives of those around them? When there are others out there who really need help who cant get it. 
Human life isnt precious, there are too many of us as it is so why are we so bothered when someone who has wasted their life dies? 
That’s just my view, I don’t give a shit if its offensive, I just don’t human life as a valuable thing, especially if you chose to fuck yours up. 

wow so many words and it’s all garbage

making hating people your shtick is actually really played out and boring by the way

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The Wonder Years are everything