What's your opinion on stick and poke tattoos? Dumb and pointless, or rad as hell?


I’ve not really seen many but they seem pretty cool! I love small tattoos. I have two Friday the 13th tattoos on my leg. Although if you get something dumb and immature (which is totally cool) maybe don’t get them in highly visible places. I want my dumb immature ones in hideable places and my expensive tattoos of 80s popstars on my arms. But do whatever!


banksys next piece: the big government house with big green stink lines comign out!! fuck the stinky politicians!!

Spent yesterday evening walking around London with Joe before he goes on tour until the end of the year. 

I stayed up quite late last night so I’m pretty tired, but I think the real reason I skipped my lecture was because it was so horrendous last week. We had a two hour lecture on filling out forms before filming and then an hour seminar where we had to narrow it down to two concepts to begin filming and everything my group thinks is completely different to everything I think, so the whole process is exhausting. I’d rather stay in. 

I hate complaining about university work though because one of my flatmates is a paramedic and is literally on London Underground picking up the pieces of people hit by trains and my other flatmate did an all-nighter writing essays on constitutional law. The only work I’ve been given so far is to do a presentation on The Lion King and watch the film A Bout De Souffle, which I’ve already seen a bunch of times. It’s all very exhausting. 

I was washing my hands in the men’s toilets and in the mirror I watched a man walk in, see I was the sole occupant of the room, take a step back, look at the symbol on the door to check it was definitely the men’s toilets, and then walk in.

Decided to stop drinking for a while because I’m beginning to look pretty terrible. The longest period of time I’ve spent sober since the beginning of September is two days and I have the beer belly and under eye bags to show for it.

My only problem is that I’ve made so many friends who are also drunk that I’m on my way back from walking around London with Joe and I’m getting phonecalls from people who are asking if we should drink tonight because they know I’ll definitely say yes. I said no. They don’t believe me.

Pierrot Le Fou (1965)

Last night was so fucked up. I went for a civilised drink with Joe and Rob and then bought drinks and came back to my building and drank with everyone before they went out - everyone was super hyped and happy - and then I went to a party with some other people. Decent party but someone swiped my drinks which wasn’t cool.

A friend who lives upstairs went to Portsmouth for the weekend and I saw her walking towards me in the street (in London) and found out she got so drunk in Portsmouth she got a taxi back to our building and had no idea how much it cost but it was somewhere between £200-300.

By the time I made it back to my flat, the door was smashed in and everyone was super serious. Someone going through some shit drank an incomprehensible amount of vodka and him and a girl we know were flirting and everyone told them to cut it out because the girl has a complicated relationship with someone else who was there and we didn’t want it to be a thing. It became a thing. He was so drunk and he freaked out more than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Eventually I got some weed and got super high and now there’s a video of me nudging awake the drunk friend who came back from Portsmouth by giggling and saying “you have to wake up, it’s Christmas, Santa Clause has been you have to open your presents” and then laughing for 10 minutes. 

Bloody hell.

Photographs from the last week which was pretty great.

Took this photograph last week of Joe feeding squirrels and birds. I could release a whole book of photographs of Joe feeding animals. 

Took this photograph last week of Joe feeding squirrels and birds. I could release a whole book of photographs of Joe feeding animals. 


Song of the Day

Map Out The Streets - Senses Fail

So who would want me anyway?
I’m a lush with broken parts and I’ll never change.
And I have nothing left to give
I don’t think I ever did
I wish that I could find the person that I was,
I always thought that I’d be happy if I was loved,
But I have nothing left to give.
I don’t think I ever did.


walking a drunk friend like


Went into uni for a lecture on French New Wave and Jean Luc Godard. I’m in my element. We watched the opening of Pierro Le Fou which is totally my shit.

I saw your complete doppelganger in Dundee today... Just a piece of pointless information for you there


Hahaha, that’s so cool

One of my best friends’ bands are releasin’ cool shit so if you like heavy music point your ears at this sonic gravy