Drinking jager with my friends and one of them just threw up so I think tonight’s gonna be good

I’m gonna be sensible tonight, so no moshpits. Mostly because I’m wearing suede shoes that I love more than any band.

I’m usually my hairdressers #1 Fan, but she really botched up my last visit. The hair cut itself is A+, but the dye job fixed my roots and ruined the rest. It’s a relief having my roots back to being as black as my soul but the black has ran into the blonde streaks in my hair and now there’s one or two small amounts of blonde that’s invisible under all the black, and the formerly-blonde bits are a faded blue-ish colour, I look so plain, like I’ve lost the certain je ne sais quoi that made people love me so much

How could you do this, I tip you so well, I thought we had an understanding 

the mantra

"there’s no good music anymore!"

uhhhhhhhhhhhh excuse you

It’s so hard to align your brain with plans. I’ll desperately want to go out and stay out all night when I’m making plans and then by the time the plans come I just want to be alone, but that’s not how plans work.


Me at parties


Me at parties

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I don’t know if the fact that Joyce Manor’s latest album sounds a thousand times better today means I’m having a good day or a bad day

I have these lyrics engraved on the back of my iPod

Don’t know how I missed Louder Than War’s in depth interview with Adam Ant from February but I’m loving the line "…but these writers had never heard of Alan Jones or Andy Warhol or the pop art movement because they were so far up Joy Division’s arse"

The best thing about Netflix producing Orange is the New Black and Bojack Horseman is this really fucking great short crossover. I don’t know if it was the Netflix guys or the Bojack guys behind this but it has to be said that few companies know their audience better than Netflix.


Well I wonder
Do you see me when we pass?
I half die
Please keep me in mind

I got money for my birthday yesterday and  I spent all the money I had in cash in one day. I got ‘Why Pamper Life’s Complexities? Essays on The Smiths’ and ‘Artforum (Summer’14)’ and spent a lot of money on coffee until it was late enough to spend the rest on cocktails with Dan 

and a present my Mum got me for my birthday didn’t arrive until today so I’ve got an absolutely massively comprehensive Andy Warhol book and she got me a Morrissey ticket for London and we went to see The Crow in its original film format. What an angel. 

My 20s got off to a good start I guess. I still feel very close to death and with so little to show for it that it almost doesn’t seem like a bad thing but at least I have all these wonderful distractions.

At a theatre screening of one of my favourite films, The Crow. I’m psyched. Feeling the goth vibes so hard right now.

Who has a Morrissey ticket KYLE HAS A MORRISSEY TICKET